Stryker CameraA surgical camera is an essential tool commonly used in the operating room, and sometimes in the emergency room. It enables the doctor to get an image of what he or she is working on. It has different control buttons that allow them to take still photos, record videos, zoom in, or change the focus.

Although each manufacturer has a different shape and style, they all perform the same basic function. These surgical cameras are very delicate, thus making them very susceptible to damage.

Here are some common issues that result in needing repair:

  1. Surgical cameras must be sterile by either chemical or steam sterilization. If it is not sterilized properly, it can cause damage to the camera. You must make sure you know which type of sterilization is designed to be used for your style camera. For example, if you use steam sterilization on a camera that requires chemical sterilization, you risk melting the cable.
  2. Camera repairPhysically dropping the camera itself can cause significant damage. Inside the camera head, there are electronics mounted to a small glass block. If any of those components get disturbed it can cause picture issues, static, or an unclear image. Typically, if it is ever dropped it will most likely require repair.
  3. Simple wear and tear of the cable is common. The cable has about 20 different wires inside of it that are very fine and delicate. The jackets on the cable can be compromised with cracking or by cutting it. It’s important to remember to properly sterilize it to reduce normal wear and tear effects.
  4. The coupler, which is a component that attaches to the camera, is how the scope itself attaches to the camera. It allows the doctor to focus the image in and out. The coupler is also subject to being dropped, damaging components such as the windows. Additionally, the adhesive that holds the windows in place will wear out and eventually need to be repaired as well.

Proper care and handling can extend the longevity of surgical cameras, but in many cases, you’ll need a reliable repair service to handle occasional issues. Total Scope offers a range of surgical camera repair services, so contact us if you have any questions.

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