Our proactive approach to the repair process allows your workforce to focus its attention on operational efficiency and patient safety rather than the hassle of managing instrument repair. With our priority relationship with UPS, we gain advance access to all products shipped to our facilities, allowing us to communicate up to 95% of all repair requisitions within 2 hours of receipt.

This streamlined process allows us to offer industry-leading repair turn times. We measure turn times in hours, not days. Clients receive information faster, allowing for quicker decisions and same-day repair turnaround in up to 90% of our cases.

Every quarter Total Scope averages the turnaround time of all of their repair requests. Actual turnaround time averages from recent years are displayed in the table below.

Flexible EndoscopeRigid EndoscopeSurgical Camera
Apr – June 2020Major: 4.89 days
Minor: 0.78 days
2.82 days0.79 days
Jan – Mar 2020Major: 4.58 days
Minor: 0.89 days
3.10 days1.92 days
Oct – Dec 2019Major: 4.48 days
Minor: 0.76 days
2.90 days2.30 days
July – Sept 2019Major: 3.81 days
Minor: 0.87 days
2.62 days1.40 days
Apr – June 2019Major: 4.33 days
Minor: 1.50 days
2.72 days1.50 days
Jan – Mar 2019Major: 4.85 days
Minor: 1.14 days
2.73 days2.55 days
Oct – Dec 2018Major: 5.13 days
Minor: 1.27 days
3.93 days4.04 days
July – Sept 2018Major: 5.35 days
Minor: 1.36 days
7.82 days3.17 days
Apr – June 2018Major: 5.6 days
Minor: 1.23 days
5.58 days2.47 days
Jan – Mar 2018Major: 7.4 days
Minor: 1.3 days
5.62 days3.35 days
Oct – Dec 2017Major: 8.9 days
Minor: 1.13 days
5.72 days3.42 days
July – Sept 2017Major: 7.06 days
Minor: 1.12 days
4.43 days1.69 days
Apr – June 2017Major: 5.88 days
Minor: 1.24 days
2.92 days2.24 days