The TSI Web Portal offers secure online access for our clients to easily manage their accounts 24/7. You can log in and do everything you need to do from one place, any time of day or night, which alleviates the hassle when sending products out for repair.

All of our customers are provided access to the TSI Web Portal at no additional cost. Setup is quick and easy with no need for additional software.

The portal lets you ship out your scope the same day it’s broken. Simply log in, submit a repair request, and print your shipping labels — all from one place.

Once we receive your equipment, you can use the portal to approve work orders and track the status of your repairs in real time.

The web portal also allows for easier reporting. You can track repairs not only across different departments within a hospital, but across different branches of a hospital network. You can also view up to three years of scope repair history through the portal — no more digging through files to find relevant stats and numbers.

If you are an existing customer, visit the portal to manage your repair.

Our customers love the TSI Web Portal!

“The TSI Web Portal is a great tool. No more looking through files or records to see our repair history or account info. All I do is log on, and voila!”

  • Vickie Browne, Atlanta South Endoscopy

“Total Scope’s Service Portal is a very useful tool for getting scopes process and repaired quickly. By simply logging on, I can get a work order started, print out an overnight shipping label, and ship out the scope that day with no waiting.”

  • Mr. Shannon Hull, CBET – Kettering Medical Center