Total Scope, Inc.’s first facility, established in 1992, services clients across the United States, offering quick repairs for medical equipment. We offer our clients quality service, affordable costs, and fast turnaround times. To better serve our customers, we expanded our business to Nashville, Tennessee, which has enabled us to increase efficiency while remaining committed to quality.

Total Scope North

Our 26,000 square foot custom built facility is located just south of Philadelphia in Upper Chichester, PA.

At Total Scope North, we have robust repair capabilities. We are able to repair your flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments and surgical cameras. Our repair capabilities extend across all makes and models and different types of instruments.

Our technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience executing both major and minor repairs. We recently implemented changes to our lab that have increased our efficiency and have reduced our turn times.

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Total Scope South

Total Scope SouthIn 2018, we had the opportunity to expand our business into Tennessee. Our Total Scope South facility is 15,000 square feet and located right in the heart of Nashville.

At this location, we are able to repair your large diameter flexible endoscopes. We have also expanded these capabilities to include mobile instrument repair. The introduction of our mobile instrument repair means we can bring our repair services right to you!

Our Endocarts® are built at this facility by our experienced Endocart® team. We look forward to implementing changes that will increase our efficiency and decrease our turn times.

Please contact with any questions.