Total Scope specializes in ultrasound probe repair. From a simple lens repair to an extensive overhaul on a TEE probe, we’ve got you covered. All of our repairs go through a 10 step process. We also have an unmatchable inventory of complimentary loner probes, that can be ready to ship out the same day, while your broken probe is being evaluated and repaired.

We repair ultrasound probes on-site in our state-of-the-art service center. Our technicians are professionally trained and have experience repairing multiple popular probe models.

Ultrasound Probe Repair Services

We offer an extensive range of repair services including:

  • Strain Relief Repairs
  • Image Dropout Repairs and Replacements
  • Membrane Repairs and Replacements
  • Locking Mechanism Repairs and Adjustments
  • Probe Leakage Repairs
  • Motor Repairs and Replacements

Loaner Program

We make it possible to keep your department fully operational through our loaner program. At your request, Total Scope will provide your facility with a free loaner for the full duration of your repair.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you can rely on one vendor to service all of your ultrasound probe repairs. We are the leader in Medical Device Repair, totally committed to providing high quality repairs with the fastest turnaround and the lowest cost in the industry.

Total Scope also offers same day pickup and delivery of equipment, exceptional customer service and free/no-obligation estimates.

You can contact your sales representative to learn more about our ultrasound probe repair services.

If you have a single probe that needs to be repaired, click the Request a Repair button below. If you need multiple probes repaired or are interested in an initial introductory call, click the Schedule a Consultation button. If you are an existing customer, visit the portal to manage your repair.

Ultrasound Probe
Manufacturers & Models

See the list below of manufacturers and models that we service:

GE Models:

9L-D (Voluson E8. E9), 4C (Logiq / Vivid Series), C1-5-D (Voluson E8, Logiq E9), E8C (Logiq / Vivid), IC5-9-D (Voluson E6, Logiq E9), M4S (Vivid 7 Expert, Vivid 7 Pro), M12L (Logiq / Vivid), ML6-15-D (Logiq E9), RAB4-8-D (Logiq / Voluson E Series), RAB6-D (Voluson E8), RIC5-9-D (Voluson E6, Voluson E8).

Phillips Models:

21378A T6H (IE331 / HD11), 21750A S8-3 (IE33), 21778A S7-2T (IE33, IU22), 21780A S12-4 (IE33), C10-3V (IU22), C5-1 (IU22, IE33), C5-2 (IU22, IE33, HD11), C8-4V (IU22), L9-3 (IU22, IE3), L12-5 50MM (IU22, HD11), L12-3 (HD11), S5-1 (IE33, IU22, CX50), X5-1 (IE33 WI X-MATRIX), X7-2T (IE33 / CX50 / EPIQ), X8-2T (Epiq 7C).

Siemens Acuson Models:

15L8W (Sequoia 512), 4V1 (Sequoia 512), 4V1C (Sequoia C512, S2000), 6C2 (Sequoia 512), 9L4 (Sequoia 512, S2000), EV-8C4 (Sequoia 512),18L6HD (S1000, S2000, S3000), EC9-4 (S2000)

Sonosite Models:

L25X/13-6 (M-Turbo)

Toshiba Models:

PVT-375BT (Aplo / Xario), PLT-805AT (Aplio / Xario), PVT-661VT (Aplo / Xario), PST-30BT (Aplo / Xario).