Surgical cameras are among the most rapidly changing categories of instrumentation in the modern operating room. Historically, it was a difficult proposition to find a single vendor that could service surgical cameras of different manufacturers. With our effective camera repair processes and a superior inventory of parts, Total Scope, Inc. is able to offer complete surgical camera repair services for your facility.

Our repair technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience executing both major and minor repairs on a broad range of surgical cameras and couplers. Our capabilities extend across all makes and models, allowing us to provide the convenience of a “one stop shop” for our clients.

Surgical Cameras and Couplers Repair Services

We offer a wide range of repair services including:

  • Camera Repairs
  • Cable Assembly Replacements
  • Prism Rebuilds
  • Coupler Rebuilds

We specialize in high-definition, autoclavable, and 3-chip surgical cameras.

We also offer endoscope repair and cystoscope repair.

Surgical Camera Repair

Loaner Program

We make it possible to keep your department fully operational through our loaner program. At your request, Total Scope will provide your facility with a free loaner for the full duration of your repair.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you can rely on one vendor to service all of your surgical cameras and couplers. We are the leader in Medical Device Repair, totally committed to providing high quality repairs with the fastest turnaround and the lowest cost in the industry.

Total Scope also offers same day pickup and delivery of equipment, exceptional customer service and free/no-obligation estimates.

Surgical Cameras and Couplers
Manufactures & Models

See the list below of manufacturers and models that we service:

ACMI Models:

DVC-3010, DVC-3020, IMP 1330, IMP-1340, IPX7 Camera, MV10000, MV-10004, MV-10024, MV-10032, MV-10064, MV-10070, MV10072, MV-10120, MV-10560, MV-10570, MV-10604 Processor, MV-10660, MV-9201, MV9690, MV-9692, MV-9906

Carl Zeiss Models:

60760 Processor, S97778 Camera, ZVS-1000 Camera, ZVS-3700 Camera

Dyonics Models:

100-120V Console, 3345 Coupler, 337 Camera 4533 Coupler, 7204613 Coupler, 7204614 Coupler, 7204823 Coupler, 7207905 Coupler, 72200090 Camera, D3 7208092, D3 Camera, ED-3 Camera, HD900 Camera

Linvatec Models:

C3236, IM3330 CAMERA, IM3330R CAMERA, IM4120

Olympus Models:

AR-T10E AR-T2, MAJ-1430, MAJ-843, MD 148, MH 237, OTV S4, OTV S6, OTV S7, OTV S7 PROH-HD-10E, OTV S7 PROH-HD-12E, OTV S7 PROH-HD-12Q, OTV S7 PROH-HD-L08E, OTV S7H, OTV S7H-1D-L08E, OTV S7H-1NA-10E, OTV S7H-1NA-12E, OTV S7H-NA-12E, OTV S7H-NA-12Q, OTV S7H-VA, OTV-S7H-1N, OVC 140

Smith & Nephew Models:


Sony Models:

3CCD Camera, DXC C33 Camera, DXC-107 Camera, DXC-750 Camera, DXC-C33 Processor, UP-51MD Video Graphic Printer, UP-870MD Video Graphic Printer

Storz Models:

20210130 20212130, 22210130, 22210140, 22220053, 22220055, 22220061, 22220130, 22220131, 22220131-3, 22220132, 22220132-3, 22220140, 22220150, 22220150-3

Stryker Models:

1088 CAMERA, 1188 CAMERA, 1188-310-130, 1188-410-105 HD AUTOCLAVABLE, 1288 CAMERA, 1288-310-130 CAMERA, 1488 CAMERA, 988 CAMERA

Learn more about Stryker endoscope and camera repair.

Wolf Models:

5261.051 Coupler, 5261.32 Coupler, 5270.275 Coupler, 5502 Camera, 5502.962 Camera, 5506.962 Camera, 5516.962 Camera, 5520.993 Camera, 85508.972 Camera, 8885.951 Camera