Total Scope, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the medical device repair industry. We have a number of core values that uphold our commitment to excellence. These core values serve as guiding principles and help us provide our clients the best possible experience each and every time we receive a new scope to repair.


ISOOur commitment to quality is our number one core value. Maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry ensures that your medical device is repaired properly. With the ultimate goal of “zero defects at the table”, we are committed to excellence in the ever-changing repair industry. We were the first in our industry to become ISO 13485 certified, which is a choice, not a requirement in our industry. We maintain our ISO certification status because we know that having a safe scope is of utmost importance for you and your patients.

Our guiding principle is that we repair scopes as if they will be used on our loved ones.


At Total Scope, Inc. we believe in fostering deep and lasting partnerships with our clients, rather than vendor-customer relationships. We support our partners every step of the way and have a unique understanding of their needs. When you win, we win, so you know that we are always on your side, helping you succeed.

Our “120/80 rule” is exemplary of this commitment to partner with our customers. When you have a long-term contract with us, we won’t deny you service or charge you more if you go over the value of your contract––instead, we incur the cost.

We can also educate your staff about properly handling and cleaning your equipment in order to help cut down on mistakes and broken scopes, saving you a significant amount of money on repair costs over time. If your staff is properly educated, you will need to repair your devices less frequently.

Customer Service

Flexible Endoscope RepairGetting your scopes repaired by the OEMs can be frustrating because you’re dealing with big companies with no vested interest in whether or not you succeed–their only concern is keeping their own costs low.

On the contrary, Total Scope, Inc. is a customer-oriented company. We pride ourselves on our unbeatable customer service. In the age of voicemail and push-button prompts, Total Scope values traditional customer service. We believe that our customers should always speak to a live person each and every time they call us. Every one of our clients has a dedicated representative that they can turn to with any questions or concerns. The customer is always kept aware of repair status through personal contact by a sales specialist, as quick and accurate communication is key to a strong working partnership.

We offer a no-cost Preventative Maintenance program to our clients. Total Scope, Inc. will evaluate your endoscopic equipment without the usual stipulations associated with repair commitments. Following the completion of the evaluation process, you will be provided with a report detailing our findings. This report provides our customers with an opportunity to be proactive in the repair process. We can start the repair before it becomes more costly and time-consuming, decreasing your overall inconvenience.

When you partner with Total Scope, you are never alone.


Convenience is important in the medical industry. Your staff’s schedules are already jam-packed, so we work hard to ensure that our repair process is as easy, fast, and efficient as possible.

We offer all of our customers access to our easy-to-use Web Portal, which allows you to submit orders, approve repairs, and track the status of repairs so you always know what’s happening with each of your devices.

We also offer on-site loaner program. If you choose to be a part of this program, we will purchase inventory for you and store it on site at your location so when a scope breaks, you have a replacement immediately available while we fix it.


Total Scope LabEfficiency is important in the medical industry, especially in the age of shrinking budgets. That’s why we work to make our process as efficient and effective as possible for our clients.

We know that many faculties are understaffed and don’t always have an abundance of equipment on hand, so we ensure that your repair turnaround times are the fastest in the industry regardless of the size of your operation.

We boast unmatched turnaround times for scope and camera repairs. Minor repairs are often completed the same day that we receive the equipment, and major repairs take only 3 to 4 days to complete. You won’t get your scopes repaired as quickly for the same quality and unbeatable price anywhere else.

Our repair process is simple:
• Submit your repair request either through the Web Portal, online form, or by phone.
• Print your shipping label
• Overnight your equipment to Total Scope – shipping is free
• You will receive your order details, including your quote, by 1:00 PM the next day.
• Approve the repairs either through the Web Portal or via email or phone.

Our commitment to efficiency allows you to put your damaged scopes back into use within just a few days.


Our education philosophy at Total Scope is simple: a well-informed end-user is essential to efficient and safe department operation.

We offer our clients an accredited course in the proper care and handling of a flexible endoscope. The benefit of this course is two-fold: your staff is assisted in meeting its annual continuing education credit requirements, and the operational efficiency of your department is improved by the increased life span of your capital equipment. This course is free for clients and exemplifies our dedication to superior customer service and our proactive approach to the repair process.

Total Scope, Inc. has authored a variety of technical articles on topics relevant to endoscope repair.


We diligently survey the market and gather the most up-to-date information to support our pricing structures. Moreover, we make sure to only repair what is necessary in an effort to keep your costs low. In the age of shrinking budgets, this is of utmost importance.

Our clients also enjoy completely free overnight shipping for packages sent to and from our facility. Total Scope is fully insured and can provide insurance riders at the customer’s request.

When you partner with Total Scope, you can rest assured that your patients are being treated with safe devices, all while staying well within your budget and maintaining the highest level of quality standards.