Surgical Instrument Repair
Total Scope Inc. offers an extensive range of surgical instrument repair services. Our expert technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience executing major and minor repairs on all types of surgical instruments.

We can perform surgical instrument repairs at our state-of-the-art service center, or on-site at your location – whichever is most convenient.

Instrument Repair Services

The most common instrument repairs we perform include:

  • Surgical Drills
  • Surgical Saws
  • Surgical Shavers

We specialize in oscillating, reciprocating, wiredriver, and sagittal saws. We also repair sternum saws, cebatome, dermatome, neurairtome, ototome, osteon, regulators, tourniquets, hoses, and burguards. View a full list of instruments we repair.

Mobile Instrument Repair and Renewal

Total Scope Inc. can bring our expertise and experience right to your front door. Our fleet of mobile instrument repair vans come equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and expertly trained technicians. We can perform a wide range of on-site repairs to keep your OR operating at peak efficiency. For more information, visit our mobile instrument repair page.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you can rely on one vendor to service all of your surgical instruments. We are the leader in Medical Device Repair, totally committed to providing high-quality repairs with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Total Scope also offers same-day pickup and delivery, exceptional customer service, and free/no-obligation estimates.

Total Scope sells Gimmi® surgical instruments including surgical scissors, forceps, needle holders, and microscopic surgery kits.

Surgical Instrument Manufacturers & Models

As a top surgical instrument repair company, our capabilities extend across all makes and models, allowing us to provide the convenience of a “one-stop shop” for our clients.

See the list below of manufacturers and models that we service:

General Instruments

General Scissors, Metz Scissors, Mayo Scissors, Bandage/Cast Scissors, Iris Scissors, Suture Scissors, Serrated Scissors, Delicate Scissors, Osteotomes, Total Hip Osteotomes, Curettes, Total Hip Curettes, D & C Curettes, Adenoid Curettes, Elevators, Periosteal Elevators, Cobb Elevators, Key Elevators, Freer Elevators, D/E Elevators, Gouges, Total Hip Gouges, Small Knives, Amputation Knives, Cartilage Knives, Meniscus Knives, Knife Handles, Rongeurs, S/A Rongeurs, D/A Rongeurs, Pituitary Rongeurs, Kerrison Rongeurs, Punches, Kerrison Punches, Dermal Punches, Cutters, Bone, S/A Bone Cutting Forceps, D/A Bone Cutting Forceps, Wire Cutters, Pin Cutters, Rib Cutting Forceps, Forceps, Artery Forceps, Sponge Forceps, Kelly Forceps, Adson Forceps, Allis Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Mosquito Forceps, Biopsy Forceps, Hemostats, Clip Appliers, Clamps, Kocher Clamps, Towel Clips/Clamps, Bone Clamps, Reamers, Total Hip Cup Graters, Cranial Burrs, Enlarging Burrs, Retractors, Retractors – Self Retaining, Retractors – Balfour, D/E Retractors, Hand Retractors, Perforating Twist/Spinal Drills, Drill Bits, Chisels, Tonsillectomes, Adenotomes, Trocars, Skin Hooks, Skin Rakes, Suction Tips/Tubes, Dissectors, Rasps, Mouth Gags, Saw Blades, Speculums, Dilators, Uterine Sounds, Dental Instruments, Needle Holders – T.C. Inserts, NeedleHolders N.I., Micro Needle Holders, Bead Blast Matte Finish, Adjustment Only, Acetabular Cutters, Instruments Refurbished, Tissue Forcep T/C, Needle Holder Scissor, Davol – Aesculap – Stryker & Access Scissors or Grapers (Cap Prices)

Ophthalmic Instruments

Ophthalmology Speculums, Ophthalmology Retractors, Ophthalmology Knives (not diamond), Ophthalmology Spuds – Spoons, Ophthalmology Punches, Ophthalmology Spatulas, Ophthalmology Manipulators, Ophthalmology Loops, Ophthalmology Hooks, Ophthalmology Markers, Ophthalmology Calipers, Ophthalmology Scissors, Ophthalmology Forceps, Ophthalmology Tenometers (calibration only), Ophthalmology Extensive Repair

Arthroscopic Instruments

Arthoscopic Punches, Arthoscopic Shavers, Arthoscopic Scissors, Arthoscopic Intra-Articular Hooks, Arthoscopic Intra-Articular Knives, Arthoscopic Intra-Articular Graspers, Arthoscopic Forceps

Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopic Punches, Laparoscopic Shavers, Laparoscopic Scissors, Laparoscopic Hooks, Laparoscopic Knives, Laparoscopic Graspers, Laparoscopic Forceps

Micro Instruments

Verres Needles, Biopsy Needles, Corneal Scissors, Urethratomes, Micro Rongeurs, Micro Forceps, Micro Scissors

Surgical Instrument Trays

Ophthalmology: Plaque tray, Muscle tray, Major Lid tray, DSEK tray, Cornea tray

Pediatric Hospital: Acuflex Arthroscopic Forcep tray, Hip Preservation tray, Plastic tray

General Hospital: Minor tray, Major tray, Ortho tray, Small Basic tray, Back tray, Shoulder tray, Arthroscopy tray, Extra Long Karlin Curette tray, Lumbar Retractors tray, LAVH B tray, GYN/LAP tray, ACDF Retractor tray, Arthrex Bicep Tenodesis tray, Symmetry ACDF Retractor tray, TAH A tray, KPP Instrument tray, LAVH A tray, Spinal Instrument tray, Carotid General tray, Carotid Clamp tray, Vascular Clamp tray, Short Karlin Curette tray, Slap Instrument tray, Vascular General tray, GYN Conversion tray, TAH B tray