day in the life of a scopeHave you ever wondered about the journey of your scope when it arrives at our repair facility? Here’s some insight on how the process works in 7 stages:

  1. Arrival
    • Scope arrives via FedEx/UPS between 9 am-10 am. Free shipping of course!
  2. Initial Paperwork
    • Our Operations Department creates inspection paperwork and places the scope in a plastic tub.
  3. Inspection
    • The scope is handed to the inspector for inspection (33 point inspection process), where we test for image quality, complete a leak test, inspect all channels, etc. We do test the scope for additional issues other than the primary customer complaint.
    • Most common repairs include: bending rubber replacements, angulation adjustments, and fluid invasion. Most of these are due to regular wear and tear on scopes.
  4. Customer Approval
    • Once inspected, the scope goes back to operations to await approval from the customer. After approval, the scope is placed on the approval rack based on Major/Mid-Level/Minor repair.
  5. scope undergoing repairsRepair Process
    • The technician begins the repair process.
    • Most minor flexible endoscope repairs are finished within 24 hours. Major flexible repairs take about 3-5 days, as opposed to the OEM, which can take over a week.
    • Most minor rigid endoscope repairs take 1-2 days. Major rigid repairs take about 4-5 days, as opposed to the OEM, which can also take more than a week.
  6. QC Process
    • Once the scope is repaired, the technician performs a “Pre QC” on the scope before giving it to our “final” QC inspector.
    • The scope is QC’d (24pt QC process) and then given to operations.
  7. Final Review
    • Operations performs a “commercial QC”, which is mostly a cosmetic look over and quick cleaning before shipping scope back to the customer.

Check out our video of a day in the life of a scope:

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