Nurse with Motorized CartEndoscopy carts are designed to make your life easier while performing procedures. What are some of the most common benefits?

Improved Storage

Endoscopy carts provide ample space for your equipment with a variety of compartments. While some hospitals and endoscopy units have storage cabinets, those who use an endoscopy cart are more likely to result in a smoother and quicker procedure.

Increased Mobility

Endoscopy carts allow for improved mobility and better functionality, making your procedures run more proficiently. In some cases, doctors may have to move from one procedure room to the next. Having all of your equipment on one, mobile cart can decrease downtime as opposed to keeping equipment, such as an endoscope, in a storage cabinet and transporting it by foot.

Customizable Options

Oftentimes, doctors and/or nurses complain about the bulkiness of their endoscopy cart. They may have trouble fitting the cart in small spaces; however, Total Scope offers a Standard Cart which is specifically designed for small spaces. We also offer two additional models that have more storage space and extra room for accessories.

Get a Quote for a Custom Endocart®

If your office or hospital is in need of a way to transport equipment from room to room efficiently, then an Endocart® may be the right option. When choosing a cart, you’ll want to find the right model to fit your needs. Picking the wrong cart could lead you to one of these common problems.

At Total Scope, we’ll be able to walk you through all your options to help build the right cart for the job. Contact us today if you have any questions or start building your custom quote for an endoscopy cart.

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