Endoscopy equipment preparation

What Tools and Equipment Do You Need in an Endoscopy Room?

In the endoscopy room, there are many tools and equipment that ensure a safe, successful procedure.This endoscopy equipment and tools include:

  • Scope specific to the procedure
  • Video monitor
  • Imaging equipment
  • Anesthetic equipment and medication
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Endoscope cabinet
  • Endoscopy cart or trolley

Endoscopy Equipment List


One of the more obvious, but necessary pieces of equipment in the endoscopy room, is the endoscope. The specific scope will vary depending on the area of the body that is being examined, but the procedure cannot be done without it.

Video, Imaging & Light Equipment (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Although the scope may be the main part of the procedure, there are other pieces of equipment that are equally important for a successful procedure. Such pieces include:

  • Video monitor
  • Light source
  • Video processor

When the scope is being used, those in the room, including the doctor or physician, need to be able to see what’s going on. The interaction of these three devices allows the doctor to illuminate areas that would otherwise be completely dark.

The overhead light is dimmed during the procedure to maximize the viewing of images and mucosa on the endoscopy screen. All personnel in the room are provided with individual spotlighting to facilitate accurate documentation and specimen identification.


Team of doctors in hospital at endoscopy examining pictures during gastroscopyThere is also the anesthetic equipment and medication. Sedatives or short-acting anesthetics are commonly administered through the use of this equipment by either an anesthesiologist or a certified RN anesthetist.

In addition to anesthetics, all endoscopy rooms must have emergency medications, including reversal medications. Monitoring equipment is present so the RN or anesthesiologist can monitor the patient’s vitals, comfort, and clinical status to detect any complications during the procedure.


Each endoscopy room has equipment used for storage. The endoscope cabinet stores the scopes while they are not being used–that is after they have been cleaned and reprocessed of course. They are often located in the endoscopy processing area in a two-room design or in a clean area nearby. After the procedure, the soiled scope will be placed in a large plastic bin and transported to the reprocessing area.

The endoscopy cart or trolley is also vital, especially for storage. Speaking of which, Total Scope is one of few companies that sell this product – the Endocart®. Endoscopy carts are beneficial through their mobility and they hold the necessary equipment to carry out the procedure, such as the scope, surgical instruments, and video and imaging equipment. 

Having all of the endoscopy suite requirements in the room can guarantee you’ll have a safer and more successful procedure. But keep in mind maintaining all of this equipment is also very important. For more information check out our endoscope preventative maintenance guide. Contact Total Scope to for any endoscope repairs.

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