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Does your colonoscope need urgent repairs? With our same-day repair services, Total Scope has you covered. We offer our customers a unique online portal that helps make the repair process more streamlined and convenient. Using this portal, you can find 24/7 access to your repair accounts, and up to 3 years of archived repair tickets.

At no additional cost, we provide portal access to all of our customers. Setup is quick and easy and doesn’t require any additional software.

A Hassle-Free Resource for Our Customers

We strive to make our customer’s experience as hassle-free as possible, and the portal helps us do just that. Need a repair request form or need to request a loaner? Fill out the appropriate information and send it our way. Need a free next day shipping label? Create your own & print it out right from your computer.

Check on the Status of Your Repairs

Scope Repair History

Scope Repair History

The portal is also helpful for keeping our customers informed as their equipment goes through the repair process. When they log in, our customers can track their repair, from the time it’s delivered to our facility to the time we ship it back.

Our team also uses the portal to communicate real-time updates. They’ll update you on requisition approval, final inspection, and estimated shipping dates. Throughout the entire repairs process, you can be aware of the status of your equipment.

View Your Invoices

In addition to real-time updates, you can use the online portal to view your invoice (you’ll also receive an invoice at your preferred delivery method). This is helpful in case you ever misplace the hard copy; you can rely on the portal for backup. The same goes for the final inspection. You will always be able to access these documents at your convenience.

Your portal access is password-protected, but you can add additional users, so you can share these resources with every department in your company.

One of our customers recently shared their thoughts about the portal:

“Total Scope’s Service Portal is a very useful tool for getting scopes processed and repaired quickly. By simply logging on, I can get a work order started, print out an overnight shipping label, and ship out the scope that day with no waiting.”

-Mr. Shannon H.

Learn more about the TSI Web Portal.

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