The Endocart® is designed by GI nurses, for GI nurses. But what does that really mean? As GI nurses, doctors, and endoscopy techs know, every GI cart needs to be capable of a variety of things. It’s with this in mind that Total Scope Inc. brings you the Endocart: a 100% customizable and American-made system to enhance your workflow. You’ll be able to go from room to room, or floor to floor, with ease. Great care is taken in the design to help limit back, shoulder, and arm fatigue. Let’s take a closer look at the variety of options that are available to you.

If there’s one phrase to remember about the Endocart, it’s “ease of use.” Our custom carts are available in Standard, Deluxe, and Motorized versions. Each cart comes with three hundred and sixty-degree maneuverable, static neutral wheels. The 80/20 rail system makes it easy for the nurse, endotech, or biomed department to move or install new items to fit the nurse’s and doctor’s requirements. You can choose built-in or separate monitor stands, a foldable keyboard tray, or fully customizable storage with single, double, or triple-locking drawer setups. An ergonomic keyboard can be mounted on the front or side of the cart. Does your patient need oxygen? Add the handy oxygen tank strap holder so the bottle doesn’t need to travel with the patient.

You can adjust the shelving to meet your specific equipment needs, regardless of the manufacturer. The back panels are removable, so you’ll have full access from behind, in case you need to reorganize cables or add new equipment. We’ve found that Biomed departments love this feature because it allows for quick changes and less downtime.

Keeping in mind the importance of cleanliness, all of the Endocart surfaces are designed with disinfection chemicals in mind. Your Endocart is easy to clean between procedures and any replacement parts will meet the same clean standards, giving you and the Endoscopy team confidence in maintaining your infection control policies.

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