Below are 5 popular misconceptions about using a third-party repair company versus an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and how they are debunked.
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  1. Third-party repair companies won’t offer the same level of repair as an OEM

That’s not the case with all third-party repair providers. Here at Total Scope, our repair technicians are properly educated and certified in the handling and repair of endoscopes and surgical cameras. Each piece of equipment is treated with the utmost care and all repairs adhere to our quality system.

  1. Third-party repair companies won’t be able to repair my brand of scope, surgical instrument or camera

This is a misconception. You should be able to find a third-party repair company that can service your needs. At Total Scope, we service a large variety of flexible and rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments and surgical cameras.

  1. Third-party repair companies won’t have good customer service like an OEM

Chances are you will receive even better customer service with a third-party repair company, as many of the larger manufacturers can’t offer the same level of personal support. Here at Total Scope, we value each customer and your call will always be taken by one of our dedicated sales representatives. No need to worry about dialing through multiple phone prompts.

  1. Third-party repair companies won’t have the same standards as an OEM

While third-party repair companies are not held to the same FDA standards and requirements that OEM’s are, at Total Scope we chose to become ISO 13485 certified. While this certification is not a requirement for third-party repair centers, it ensures that we adhere to a strict quality system and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

  1. Third-party repair companies will be more expensive than an OEM

This is another misconception. Many third-party repair companies offer competitive prices. At Total Scope, we strive to have the lowest cost with no loss of quality. We also provide free shipping and a free loaner program.

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