preowned equipmentUpper Chichester, PA – July 20, 2018Total Scope, Inc. (TSI), a leader in medical device repair, is now selling certified pre-owned equipment. This equipment includes flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, and surgical cameras from leading manufacturers such as Olympus and Fujinon.

According to Founder and CEO of TSI, Ann Glavin, “The reason we became involved in certified pre-owned endoscope equipment is the direct result of the feedback we received from our customers.” In recent years the company’s clients, which include doctors and biomed techs, began to share their need to find more cost effective resources when equipping their endoscopy suites.

The company was quietly involved in helping customers with an occasional need, but in the last couple of years they became more deliberate about their approach to ease the pressure their client’s felt to save money while continuing to deliver excellent care.

“Our clients were worried about quality and had an understandable fear of the “used equipment market,” continued Glavin.  “It became clear that as a trusted ISO certified repair facility that we could help them meet their needs and also offer that sense of safety and security that they were looking for in a certified pre-owned equipment vendor.”

Each piece of pre-owned endoscopy equipment undergoes a rigorous inspection process to become certified. According to the Total Scope lab team, when a piece of equipment is “certified” it means that it was acquired from a trusted source and has undergone a thorough 12-point quality-controlled inspection by the TSI Repair and Maintenance Team. Total Scope then has a Quality Control Technician conduct one last inspection prior to approving and shipping the equipment to the intended facility.

“With more than 25 years in the repair business our systems are proven, but if there is an unexpected issue, Total Scope stands behind our certified pre-owned equipment and we will do what it takes to correct any issue. Our customers get great comfort from this fact,” said Maurice Glavin, Founder and Co-Owner of Total Scope Inc.

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