Olympus is a renowned manufacturer of medical technology and equipment that is trusted by healthcare professionals. Even the best equipment sometimes needs repair, which is why we offer Olympus endoscope repair.

Total Scope specializes in both rigid and flexible endoscope repairs, and all of our repairs are done efficiently. Plus as the first company in our industry to obtain an ISO certification, you can trust that our repairs meet quality standards.

We repair Olympus endoscopes on-site in our state-of-the-art service center. Our technicians are professionally trained and have years of experience executing both major and minor repairs on all types of endoscopes.

Olympus Endoscope Repair Services

We offer an extensive range of endoscope repair services including:

  • Bending Rubber Replacements
  • Major Angulation Adjustments
  • Major Fluid Invasion
  • Forcep Channel Replacements
  • Insertion Tube Replacements
  • Universal Cord Replacements
  • Video Chip Repairs
  • Image Bundle Replacements
  • Rod Lens Replacements
  • Stainless Steel Tubing Replacements
  • Objective Replacements
  • Eye Cup Replacements
Minor Olympus Endoscope Repair

Loaner Program

We make it possible to keep your department fully operational through our loaner program. At your request, Total Scope will provide your facility with a free loaner for the full duration of your repair.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you can rely on one vendor to service all of your endoscopes. We are the leader in medical device repair, totally committed to providing high-quality repairs with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We also specialize in Storz endoscope repair and Stryker scope repair.

Total Scope also offers same-day pickup and delivery of equipment, exceptional customer service, and free/no-obligation estimates.

If you have a single scope that needs to be repaired, click the Request a Repair button below. If you need multiple scopes repaired or are interested in an initial introductory call, click the Schedule a Consultation button. If you are an existing customer, visit the portal to manage your repair.

Olympus Endoscopes & Cameras

See the list below of Olympus models that we service:

Flexible Models:

BF 160, BF 1T160, BF 1T180, BF 1T200, BF 1T240, BF 1T30, BF 1T40, BF 1T60, BF 1TQ180, BF 200, BF 20D, BF 240, BF 30, BF 3C10, BF 3C160, BF 3C20, BF 3C30, BF 3C40, BF 40, BF MP160F, BF N20, BF P160, BF P180, BF P200, BF P20D, BF P30, BF P40, BF P60, BF Q180, BF Q180AC, BF UC 160F-0L8, BF UC 180F, BF XP160F, BF XP40, BF XT160, BF XT40, CF 100L, CF 140L, CF 1T100L, CF 20L, CF 2T160L, CF H180AL, CF P20L, CF Q140L, CF Q160AL, CF Q160L , CF Q160S, CF Q180AL, CHF CB30S, CHF P10, CHF P20, CYF 2, CYF 3, CYF 4, CYF 5, CYF 5R, CYF-V, CYF-V2, CYF-V2R, CYF-VA2, CYF-VH, ENF GP, ENF L3, ENF P2, ENF P3, ENF P4, ENF T3, ENF V, ENF V2, ENF V3, ENF VH, ENF VQ, ENF XP, GF UC140P, GF UCT140, GF UCT140AL5, GF-UE160-AL5, GF-UM-20, GIF 100, GIF 130, GIF 140, GIF 160, GIF 1T10, GIF 1T140, GIF 1TQ160, GIF 2T100, GIF 2T160, GIF H180, GIF H180J, GIF H190, GIF HQ190, GIF N180, GIF P140, GIF Q140, GIF Q160, GIF Q180, GIF XP160, GIF XQ140, GIF XQ40, GIF XTQ160, GIF-XP180N, HYF XP, JF 100, JF 140F, LF 1, LF 2, LF DP, LF GP, LF P, LF TP, LF V, LTF 160, LTF VP, MAF-GM, MAF-TM, OSF 4, PCF 100, PCF 140I, PCF 140L, PCF 160AL, PCF H180AL, PCF H190L, PCF Q180AL, PEF-V, SIF Q140 , SIF Q180, TJF 100, TJF 140F, TJF 160F , TJF 160VF, TJF Q180V, URF P2, URF P3, URF P5, URF V, URF-P6R

Rigid Models:

A1931A A1932A 30, A1933A 70, A1935A 30, A2011, A2011A CYST 12, A2012 CYST 30, A2012A CYSTO 30, A2013 70, A2013A CYSTO 70, A201BA, A2030A CYST 0, A2031A CYST 12, A2032A CYSTO 30, A2033A, A2035A, A22000A, A22001A 12, A22002A, A22003A 70, A22005A, A2461, A2552, A2569, A2599, A2940A, A2942A 7, A2946A, A2948A, A2949A, A3105 CYSTO 12, A3405 Cysto 70, A3725 PED CYST 0, A3725A 0, A3726A, A3764A, A3809, A3810, A4605 30, A4605A 30, A4629A, A4672A, A4673A, A4674A, A4801A VIDEO LAP 10mm, A4805A VIDEO LAP 5mm, A4941A VIDEO LAP, A50001A, A50003A, A50021A, A50023A, A50372A, A50373A, A5214 LAP 0, A5252, A5254 LAP 0, A5255 LAP 30, A5256, A5257, A5258 30, A5287 LAP, A5288 30, A5289, A5290A PED LAP 0, A5291A PED LAP 30, A5294A LAP 0, A5295A LAP 30, A5296A 45, A5306 0 OFFSET LAP, A5372A PED LAP 0, A70940A, A70941A, A70942A, A70960A, A70961A, A70963A, A7500A, A7501A, A7505A 30, A7595A, A7596A, A7597A, WA02943A, WA02944A, WA02946A, WA29042A, WA29048A, WA50011A, WA50013A, WA50013L, WA50021B, WA50023B, WA50372B , WA50373B, WA52006A, WA53000A, WA53005A, WA70005A, WA70010A, WA70841A

Surgical Camera Models:

AR-T10E AR-T2, MAJ-1430, MAJ-843, MD 148, MH 237, OTV S6, OTV S7, OTV S7 PROH-HD-10E, OTV S7 PROH-HD-12E, OTV S7 PROH-HD-12Q, OTV S7 PROH-HD-L08E, OTV S7H, OTV S7H-1D-L08E, OTV S7H-1NA-10E, OTV S7H-1NA-12E, OTV S7H-NA-12E, OTV S7H-NA-12Q, OTV S7H-VA, OTV-S7H-1N, OVC 140