The Karl Storz family company is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and other devices.

Even quality scopes require maintenance and occasional repairs. That’s where Total Scope comes in. We are an ISO 13485 certified company specializing in medical device repair. With that, we maintain the highest standards with our repairs. We have also streamlined our repair process to ensure it moves smoothly from start to finish.

We repair Storz endoscopes in our state-of-the-art service center. Each one of our endoscope repair technicians undergoes specialized training and has years of experience handling repairs. We repair flexible and rigid scopes, surgical cameras, cystoscopes and other medical devices.

Storz Scope Repair Services

We offer a complete suite of endoscope repair services including:

  • Insertion Tube Replacements
  • Bending Rubber Replacements
  • Major Angulation Adjustments
  • Major Fluid Invasion
  • Eye Cup Replacements
  • Forcep Channel Replacements
  • Universal Cord Replacements
  • Video Chip Repairs
  • Major Fluid Invasion
  • Image Bundle Replacements
  • Rod Lens Replacements
  • Stainless Steel Tubing Replacements
  • Objective Replacements
  • Eye Cup Replacements
Repair of a Flexible Endoscope

Loaner Program

While your scopes are being repaired, Total Scope will loan you a temporary replacement for the duration of your repair. You can keep your department operational while we work to efficiently repair your scopes.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Choosing Total Scope for your repairs is convenient: we can handle all of your endoscopes regardless of the manufacturer. As the leaders in medical device repair, we are committed to providing high-quality repairs with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We also specialize in Olympus endoscope repair and Stryker scope repair.

Total Scope offers quality customer service, free estimates with no obligations, and same-day pickup and delivery of equipment.

If you have a single scope that needs to be repaired, click the Request a Repair button below. If you need multiple scopes repaired or are interested in an initial introductory call, click the Schedule a Consultation button. If you are an existing customer, visit the portal to manage your repair.

Storz Endoscopes & Cameras

See the list below of Storz models that we service:

Storz Flexible Models:

11001 BN1, 11002BD1, 11009BC1, 11101RP1, 11101RP2, 11101SK2, 11272CU1, 11272VNU, 11274AAU, 11277A, 11277AU, 11278A1, 11278AU1, 11292ADU1, 11301 BN1, 11301AB-1, 11301ABD1, 11302BD2, 11302BDD2, 1190OBN

Storz Rigid Models:

10005AA, 10018AA  10020ATA, 10020B, 10020BA, 10023 ABA, 10320A, 10320AA, 10320BA, 10320D, 10324A URETERO 0, 10324AA BRONCH 0, 10324C, 10325A, 10330B, 10970BA, 10970BZ, 12015A, 12067VA, 1215AA, 1218AA, 1230BA, 1232AA, 1232BA, 1232CA, 24946A, 26003AA LAP, 26003BA LAP 30, 26003BEA, 26003FA, 26003FEA, 26005CA, 26006A PEDIATRIC LAP 0, 26006AA PEDIATRIC LAP 0, 26006BA PED LAP, 26006BA PED LAP 30, 26006FA, 26007BA, 26007FA, 26008AA, 26008BA, 26009AA, 26009BA, 26020FA, 26031B PED LAP 30, 26033 APA 0, 26033AP LAP 0, 26033BP LAP 30, 26033BPA LAP, 26034A OFFSET LAP, 26034AA OFFSET LAP 0, 26036A OFFSET LAP 0, 26036AA, 26046AA, 26046BA, 26046FA, 26048BA, 26075A OFFSET LAP 0, 26105BA, 26105FA, 26120BA, 26120BHA 30 degrees, 26157B, 26411 K 10, 27005A, 27005AA CYST 0, 27005B CYSTO 30, 27005BA CYSTO 30, 27005C CYSTO 70, 27005CA CYSTO 30, 27005CA CYSTO 70, 27005E, 27005EA, 27005FA CYST 12, 27010K, 27011K, 27012K, 27015A, 27015B Cysto 30, 27015C HYSTRO 70, 27016WA CYST 0, 27017AA, 27017BA, 27018A PED ARTHRO 0, 27018AA, 27018B PED ARTH 30, 27018BA CYSTO 30 PEDO, 27018BS PED ARTH 30, 27018C 70, 27020A 0, 27020AA, 27020AT CYST 0, 27020B, 27020BA 30, 27020FA, 27023AA, 27023AB 0, 27023ABA 0, 27023BA, 27023SA, 27030BA, 27035BA, 27092AM, 27092AMA, 27292 AMA OFFSET, 27301AA, 27301B, 27301BA, 27410CK, 27410SK URETERO 0, 27410SL URETERO 0, 27411K, 27430K8, 27430L OFFSET URETERO O, 28005BA, 28008FA, 28022A 0 deg, 28095AGA, 28132AA 0 DEG, 28164AA, 28164BA, 28300B ENT, 28300BA, 28305AA, 28720BW ARTHRO 30, 28721BWA Arth 30, 28721CWA Artho 70, 28731AWA, 28731BWA ARTHRO 30, 28731CWA ARTHRO 70, 7200A ARTH 0, 7200B ARTHRO 30, 7200BW ARTH 30, 7200C ARTHRO 70, 7200CW 70, 7200E 120, 7208A, 7208B, 7208C, 7210A, 7210AA, 7210AWA, 7210BA ARTH 30, 7210BWA, 7210CA, 7210CWA, 7210FA ARTH 45, 7210FLA, 7218AA ,7218B, 7218BA, 7218BS , 7218BSA, 7218CA, 7219AA, 7219BA, 7228AA, 7230AA, 7230AWA, 7230BA, 7230BVA, 7230BWA, 7230CA 70 deg, 7230CVA, 7230EA, 7230FA, 7230FVA, 850000, 8575AA, 8575AJ, 8575AJA, 8575AV, 8702D, 8702DA, 8706CJ, 8711A, 8712AA, 8712BA, 8712CA 70, N0004-0, N0004-0 AU 0 deg, N0004-30 ARTH 30, N0004-30 AU, N0027-0, N0027-30, NOOO4-70 ARTH 70

Storz Surgical Camera Models:

20210130 20212130, 22210130, 22210140, 22220053, 22220055, 22220061, 22220130, 22220131, 22220131-3, 22220132, 22220132-3, 22220140, 22220150, 22220150-3

Storz Cystoscope Models:

11272CU, 11272VNU, 26046AA, 27005BA, 26046BA