As we move into 2022, let’s take a look at our top 5 blogs from 2021.

#5 – 6 Proper Care and Handling Tips for Your Surgical Instruments

Proper care and handling are key to the longevity of your surgical instruments. After each procedure, you should be following a set cleaning process. Stainless steel instruments, and all other instruments, require proper care to maintain their properties. Read More >>

#4 – “Hard” vs. “Easy” Scope Repairs

Flexible endoscopes are highly delicate pieces of equipment and, unfortunately, vulnerable to damage. Normal wear and tear as well as physical trauma can lead to trouble. Regardless of the cause, the damaged endoscope has to be sent out for repair. Now you begin to ask, “How long will it take to fix?” Read More >>

#3 – How to Reprocess Your Flexible Endoscopes in 7 Easy Steps

Taking time to properly care for your endoscopes after each use is crucial to their longevity. Neglecting your endoscopes can result in hefty repair costs—which are easily preventable if you take care of them properly. If you do take good care of your endoscopes, your procedures will run more efficiently, saving your department and patients time and money. Read More >>

#2 – What Tools and Equipment Do You Need in an Endoscopy Room?

In the endoscopy room, there are many tools and equipment that ensure a safe, successful procedure. Some of these include: scope specific to the procedure, video monitor, and an endoscopy cart or trolley. Take a look to read about everything else you’ll need. Read More >>

#1 – Insider’s Guide to Better Scope Leak Testing

The main reason why this testing is required is to protect patients from infection or other complications that can result from scope leaks. But beyond patient safety, if fluid gets inside the scope, it can damage fiberoptic and image bundles, causing them to get brittle and possibly break. Read More >>

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