Variable Knob Repair, Angulation Freeze Knob Repair & Angulation Knob Replacement

Total Scope Inc. is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands.  Total Scope frequently accepts repair orders for angulation knob repairs & replacement. The angulation knob mechanism can wear over time and after frequent use, but it can be damaged by improper use or external forces. For a quote on a repair contact us or call (800) 471-2255.  Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.

Common Causes:

  • Improper care & handling, which includes laying the scope on the knobs, pushing or pulling knobs, dropping the endoscope, stacking scopes or excessive pressure to knobs causing knobs to shift on the shaft knobs as they are mounted.
  • Worn or de-formed o-rings.
  • Improper or inadequate storage areas.
  • Improper placement of scopes in automated washer machines.
  • Turning the knobs while locks/brakes are engaged.

Prevention Methods:

  • Avoid angulating scope while in locked position. This will cause early wear of components.
  • Avoid external force of the control knobs.
  • Lay scopes on counter surfaces with control knobs facing up.
  • Place scopes into sink basins with control knobs up.
  • Avoid stacking scopes at all times.
  • Leak test thoroughly after each procedure to prevent fluid invasion. Fluid corrodes internal components and makes them more susceptible to future more severe damage.