Endoscope Bending Rubber ReplacementTotal Scope Inc. is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands. Total Scope frequently accepts repair orders for bending rubber replacements. The bending rubber is a soft flexible cover that covers the distal end of the scope.  It can be cut, torn, or punctured when it comes in contact with sharp edges or objects. Damage to a bending rubber can be identified by the presence of bubbles during the leak test.

For a quote on a repair contact us or call (800) 471-2255.  Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.

Common Causes:

  • Improper care & handling (such as stacking scopes, sharp objects near distal tip, careless transporting of endoscope or patient bites).
  • Stretched or aging bending rubber and/or epoxy.
  • Improper or inadequate storage areas.
  • Deformed or fraying bending section and/or mesh.

Preventative Methods:

  • Avoid contact between bending rubber and sharp surfaces or instruments.
  • Transport scopes separate from accessories including forceps and spray nozzles.
  • Keep bending section and the light guide connector separated from one another. The contact pins and ports have sharp enough edges to cause a hole.
  • Do not stack endoscopes during transport and/or cleaning.
  • Use bite blocks to prevent damage to bending section. Be sure to examine the bite blocks first to ensure there are no rough edges.
  • Release leak test pressure completely post leak test. Leaving the scope pressurized makes the bending rubber susceptible to stretching and causes the material to become less puncture resistant.