Biopsy/Suction Channel ReplacementTotal Scope Inc. is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands. Total Scope frequently accepts repair orders for biopsy and suction channel replacements. The biopsy channel is a straight piece of flexible tubing. Accessories passing through the channel can puncture or otherwise damage the channel therein requiring a channel replacement. External forces on the insertion tube can also kink or collapse the channel. Instrumentation and cleaning brushes should be closely monitored to ensure that they are in good working condition and compatible with the size restrictions of the channel.

For a quote on a repair contact us or call (800) 471-2255.  Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.

Common Causes:

  • Using damaged/incorrect accessories/brushed in channel.
  • Improper care & handling such as over-coiling the insertion tube, leak testing or cleaning scopes in inadequate size sinks or basins.
  • Twisting or applying access torque force to the insertion tube during use.
  • Damage to an insertion tube or bending section may cause a forcep channel to collapse or kink.

Prevention Methods:

  • Avoid tightly coiling and/or sharply bending the insertion tube. Tight coiling may kink the channel, constricting suction flow and accessory passage.
  • Avoid twisting or applying excess torque during use.
  • Use sinks and soak basins large enough to prevent over-coiling the scopes.
  • Use accessories that are in good working order and have no jagged or frayed edges.