Bending Section Mesh ReplacementTotal Scope Inc. is a premier worldwide endoscope repair facility servicing all major endoscope and surgical camera brands.  Total Scope frequently accepts repair orders for bending section mesh replacements. The bending section mesh is the layer between the bending rubber and the internal components of the bending section.  It is comprised of very small diameter stainless steel braids.  The braids are usually damaged by external forces.  For a quote on a repair contact us or call (800) 471-2255.  Follow these tips to prevent these types of repairs in the future.

Common Causes:

  • Patient bites.
  • Improper care & handling.
  • Over applying excessive torque to the angulation system.
  • Aging mesh or aging bending section.
  • Fluid invasions.

Preventative Methods:

  • Avoid impact to the distal end.
  • Do not stack endoscopes—the pressure of stacked scopes can compact the bending section and cause damage.
  • Make sure storage issues are free of areas where a scope can become pinched in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Use bite blocks during procedure.